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Do you have to leave your home because of a creditor, landlord, or other legal entity? Do you feel trapped and confused by the prospect of eviction? If you answered yes to any of these, our Houston eviction attorney can help. With over 30 years of experience, we can provide you with expert advice on how to protect yourself against unlawful evictions and preserve your rights during the process.

At Chargois Harper Attorneys and Counselors at Law, we’ve succesfully helped landlords deal with a bad renter, and protected tenants against against illegal eviction in Houston and more Texas areas. If you’re not sure sure what to about an eviction issue in Texas, we are here to help. Schedule a consultation today to get started!

Why Do I Need A Texas Eviction Lawyer?

Many things could lead to landlord-tenant disputes. Most of the time, however, issues between landlords and tenants stem from non-payment of rent. When evicting a tenant, a property owner must first legally terminate their tenancy through a proper notice of termination. This may be without cause, as long as the landlord puts the notice in writing. If you’re dealing with landlord-tenant disputes, our Houston eviction lawyer can help. We have experience dealing with eviction proceedings, and other legal concerns such as family law and divorce. Contact our Houston real estate attorney today at (832) 479-4499 so we can provide you with the best solution for your situation.

What is an Eviction Case?

In general, tenants who refuse to move out after rental or lease termination (holdover tenants) are often given three days to vacate. If the person renting the property will still refuse to leave after three days, you might need to initiate court proceedings.

Our Texas eviction lawyer at Chargois Harper can help you with the paperwork necessary for filing an eviction case or provide legal assistance for possible defenses. Dial (832) 479-4499 and seek legal advice from knowledgeable and experienced Houston eviction lawyers who can help with your case.

Landlord and Tenant Rights in Houston, Texas

There are certain landlord-tenant real estate laws that the landlord must follow before evicting a tenant. In some cases, a renter could sue a landlord for illegally evicting them and bring matters to court. Eviction laws specify how to evict tenants legally. In general, changing locks, shutting off utilities, bringing out belongings and personal property of a former renter, or letting in a new tenant may be part of an illegal eviction case.

A tenant may also take legal action against a landlord who has been harassing them (or other household members) or is making false claims to try and force them out of the rental property. As such, if you wish to know how to evict tenants legally or if your landlord is violating the terms of a lease or rental agreement, contact our Houston real estate lawyers.

Our experienced Houston, TX eviction lawyer can help you prepare for a court hearing for an eviction lawsuit (or forcible entry and detainer suit) and work on disputes early on to prevent stressful eviction proceedings. Contact us at Chargois Harper by dialing (832) 479-4499 to schedule a consultation.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes Involving Rent Payments

Unpaid rent has long been a real estate issue for a property owner renting out units. If a tenant has not paid their monthly rent, you can first send them a notice to pay rent or to quit tenancy. If things do not go well, a landlord can also file to evict that tenant, following the legal process above. In cases where illegal move-out took place, you could recover the rent they owed for the remaining time on their lease.

The actual tenant eviction process could vary from state to state, as these must be under local landlord-tenant law and statutes. As such, it is best to consult with a local eviction attorney to ensure that your actions comply with relevant Texas landlord-tenant laws. Our Texas eviction lawyer at Chargois Harper can provide the legal services that you need. Call our Houston law firm at (832) 479-4499 to know more.

The Eviction Process in Texas

An eviction proceeding does not necessarily imply that it will immediately remove a tenant from a rental property. In general, renters can remain on the premises until a writ of possession is issued. There are many steps in the eviction process, and each takes a certain amount of time.

To know more about the eviction process, call our trusted eviction lawyer in Houston, TX at (832) 479-4499.

Notice to Vacate

Under relevant landlord-tenant laws, a landlord must give the tenant a three-day notice to move out unless the lease agreement states otherwise. One cannot file an eviction suit before they provide this notice in writing.

Filing an Eviction Suit

After a petition is filed, at least ten days must pass before an eviction hearing.


Once a judgment has been issued, no further action can take place for five days. This period allows both parties to appeal, if applicable. At least eight days must pass before a hearing takes place if the tenant files an appeal.

Writ of Possession

In general, landlords may ask the judge for a writ of possession once a final judgment is made. The constable must post a 24-hour notice before “executing the writ” and removing the tenant’s property from the rental.

If you have legal questions on any of the above, contact our law office today. We can offer a free consultation to potential clients who need help with evictions, lease agreement violations, and other disputes. Call our Houston, TX landlord-tenant law firm at (832) 479-4499 to schedule a consultation.

How to Evict Tenants in Texas

In general, a property owner has the right to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent, unlawful stay, or refusal to move out or vacate the premises of the rental property even after the required window time after terminating a tenancy has already elapsed. On the other hand, while a renter who cannot pay rent or violates the rental or lease agreement may indeed be evicted from the rental unit, the legal process of evicting is more complex than it seems.

Evictions generally involve a tenant not paying rent on time or violating a rule included in the lease. They are different from cases where a landlord chooses not to renew a lease once it ends. Evictions require a notice to vacate, which is distinct from a notice of non-renewal.

If your landlord or one of your tenants is violating the terms of a lease or rental agreement, our eviction lawyers in Houston, TX can help you fight for your legal rights in Texas.

Our law firm is also experienced in other areas of law such as estate and probate law and family law. Call our Houston, TX landlord-tenant law firm at (832) 479-4499 to schedule a consultation today.

Consult with a Houston Eviction Lawyer Today!

Aside from legal help in having a tenant evicted, the legal services of a trusted Houston, TX eviction attorney are necessary for many other reasons. In general, property owners can sue to recover damages for unpaid utility bills, unapproved alterations to the rental unit, or damage to property being rented out. On the other hand, a landlord cannot evict a tenant without due process. Certain rules and regulations still need to be followed.

Breaches of the rental or lease agreement can lead to a wide variety of consequences. If a tenant has broken any other clause of the lease and has caused you monetary, emotional, or even physical harm, you could take the tenant to court to collect the money owed to you. The key, however, is promptly seeking legal assistance.

If you’re experiencing legal trouble in your landlord-tenant dispute, such as property loss or quiet title disputes, our experienced Houston real estate attorneys at Chargois Harper can help protect your legal rights in Texas. Call our Texas real estate law firm at (832) 479-4499 to schedule a consultation with our Houston eviction lawyer today.


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