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A guardianship is utilized to protect someone unable to take care of themselves. Some people need help making decisions and managing their daily affairs because of their age, injury, or disease. If this happens, a court of law may appoint a guardian for them. A guardianship attorney can help you with this process. Call us at 832-479-4499 to know more. 

A legal guardian will take care of the ward, or the individual who needs special protection and guidance. A guardian has the authority to legally make decisions for the ward and manage their ward’s financial and personal affairs. In Texas, the process of appointing a legal guardian includes:

  • Filing a petition in a Texas court
  • Having a hearing in court
  • Having a judge appoint a legal guardian, if needed

If you want to know more about how guardianship works in Texas, don’t hesitate to connect with one of our experienced Houston guardianship attorneys. We’d gladly help and give you legal advice. Call our law firm at 832-479-4499.


Guardianship Alternatives 

Since having a guardian involves removing the individual’s rights, it should be the last resort in protecting their best interests. Before appointing a guardian, alternatives are usually explored first, such as:

  • Finding a representative to help the individual manage their bills and finances
  • Finding a representative to help the individual manage their case, including their personal affairs and healthcare directives
  • Setting up trusts
  • Durable powers of attorney for health care
  • Enrolling the individual in community services

Once the court appoints a legal guardian, it is usually permanent. However, if the situation improves, a judge can revoke guardianship.

Guardianship is not something that we should take lightly. It is often permanent and can have significant effects on someone’s life. Our trustworthy Houston guardianship lawyers can help you go through the legal process to be confident about the future. Contact our Texas law firm today at  832-479-4499.

Guardianship (Minors)

A court may appoint a legal guardian to take care of a minor if they see the need for it. A court may assign guardianship if:

  • Both parents abandoned the minor
  • Both parents have passed away
  • Both parents aren’t capable of providing care for the child.

The court may assign guardianship to a family friend, relative, or someone the court may feel will act according to the child’s best interest. As the child’s legal guardian, the court grants custody of the child. They may also manage the child’s financial affairs and exercise control over the child’s properties and assets.

If you need help processing a guardianship for a minor don’t hesitate to give us a call. Talk to a guardianship attorney and call 832-479-4499 today.

Guardianship of the Person

Anyone with the legal custody of a child is responsible for providing for the child’s needs. A minor’s parents are still required legally to support the child financially. Still, the appointed guardian ensures that the child has clothing, shelter, food, proper education, and healthcare. The guardian is also responsible for making decisions about the child’s education and medical care. As mandated by the court, the guardian maintains custody of the child until they reach legal age or until the court decides that the child doesn’t need guardianship.


Guardianship of the Estate

If the child owns a significant amount of property or money, a judge appoints a guardian of the estate to maintain and preserve the child’s properties and assets. Also called a financial guardian, a guardian of the estate makes all monetary decisions for the child until they reach the age of eighteen or until the child’s assets are consumed.


Guardian Ad Litem 

A judge appoints an attorney ad litem or guardian ad litem to represent the interests of the proposed ward. The court usually appoints a guardian ad litem when dealing with divorce cases, probate proceedings, or other cases of child neglect and abuse

While guardianship is a last resort, it is still essential that the appointed guardian understands their role and responsibilities, putting the child’s interests before their own. For more information on how guardianship can benefit your child and your family, connect with a trusted Houston guardianship lawyer and call us at 832-479-4499.

Guardianship (Incapacitated Individuals or the Elderly)

A judge appoints a conservator or guardian to protect incapacitated or elderly individuals. Creating guardianship may deprive someone of their individual rights; that is why we take certain legal steps before appointing a guardian.

During the guardianship proceeding, the ward has the right to attend, face witnesses, and provide evidence in court. If a judge successfully appoints a legal guardian, the legal guardian is urged to respect the ward’s wishes and provide them with as much independence as possible. A guardianship of the incapacitated individual or elderly also entails guardianship of the estate, person, or both.

If you need help processing a guardianship for a loved one, don’t hesitate to talk to a Houston guardianship attorney. Give us a call at 832-479-4499.


Guardianship of the Person

Filing guardianship for an elderly or incapacitated individual involves taking care of the ward’s medical care. The legal guardian might be asked to monitor and consent to medical treatments, observe living conditions, health conditions, and make end-of-life preparations and decisions. When making decisions, the court expects the guardian to respect the ward’s desires and wishes and their financial and physical needs. The guardian will continue their duties until the court no longer requires them to or until the ward dies.

If you need help with a legal family concern, call our Houston family law attorneys today.


Guardianship of the Estate

The guardianship of the estate for the elderly or an incapacitated person involves taking responsibility for the ward’s assets and properties. The guardian must manage to protect and preserve the assets, manage the income, and obtain the appraisal of each property. 

The court also requires the guardian to report about the status of the estate regularly. Similar to personal guardianship, financial guardianship will continue until the court determines that it’s no longer needed or until the ward passes away.

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A guardian has the authority to make decisions about someone’s healthcare treatment, financial affairs, residence, visitation schedules with friends and family, marriage, child-bearing, and more. Usually, the extent of the incapacity of the ward to make decisions for themselves impacts these decisions.

The guardianship process isn’t something taken lightly because it affects an individual’s quality of life. You should know that you’re not alone in this process. At Chargois Harper, we have experienced Houston guardianship attorneys who can help you and give you legal advice. Call our Houston family law and divorce law firm today for an initial consultation.



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